Biological Anthropology Term Paper

Paper on Biological Anthropology:

Biological anthropology is a branch of natural science which studies the origin and evolution of the human beings and their communities. Biological anthropology is the starting point in the study of the human organism, its physical structure, behaviour and the peculiarities of the human social activity.

The derivatives of biological anthropology are the cultural and social anthropology which focus rather on the psychological, traditional and social issues of the human life. Biological anthropology can be called the most profound study of the human being and its types living in different parts of the world.

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The humanity has always wondered about the origin of life and the origin of a human being and this issue is observed by the experts on biological anthropology. The most obvious and probably the most stable and reliable idea which can answer to this question is related with evolutionary theory which observes the human being as the result of evolution of the certain species of primates.

It is not a surprise that biological anthropology pays much attention to the study of primates as their behaviour is very close to the human one.

The science observes the norms and the stages of the human development thought the thousands of years analyzing the human bones found in different parts of the world. The experts observe the development of the human body, its posture, size and the size of the human brain defining the level of the human intelligence. The majority of the investigations in the field of biological anthropology are conducted relying on the comparative methods analyzing different skeletons belonging to different periods.

Biological anthropology is the science which studies the physical aspects of the evolutionary development of the human being. When the student has the task to prepare a quality term paper, he should devote enough time to the research of the problem on biological anthropology, collect the reliable sources and observe the key points of the issue. One is expected to focus on the explanation of the purpose of biological anthropology, its usefulness for the understanding of the origin of the human being and the processes of its development. Finally one will need to share the methodology of the research within the discipline and demonstrate its connections with other sciences.

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