Calculus Term Paper

Term Paper on Calculus:

Calculus is the system of mathematical analysis, which calculates functions in the relation of the differential calculus and integral calculus. The topic is very important in mathematics, because both algebra and geometry use it actively for the calculations of functions. The key components of calculus: differential and integral calculus are closely connected in the fundamental theorem of calculus. The development of the ideas concerning calculus appeared already in ancient Greece. Eudoxus was the first one who invented the method of exhaustion, which enabled to measure and calculate the area and shape of the various objects which possess irregular forms. Archimedes improved the ideas of Eudoxus and developed them in the methods of heuristics.

Later on further research of various scientists, like Isaac Newton and Gottfried Leibniz led to the invention of calculus and its detailed explanation and description in use. Calculus is important not only for mathematics, but for the great number of disciplines and spheres of human life. For example, it is actively used in health care, chemistry, physics and engineering.

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If one plans to complete a good term paper on calculus, he should know that the paper is expected to be interesting, informative and possess a perfect and logical structure. A student is supposed to present the historical background of the problem, explain the meaning of calculus, describe its use, importance for mathematics and other disciplines. One should present the most essential components of the fundamental theorem of calculus and explain their use and difference from one another. One can introduce certain examples of the use of calculus in mathematics and other sciences to persuade the reader in its importance.

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