Child Abuse Case – Term Paper

Child abuse definition

Child abuse refers to subjecting children to activities and responsibilities that are only supposed to be undertaken by adults. It involves physical and emotional mistreatment and neglect of child’s needs. Sexual abuse is also categorized as a form of child abuse. There are several children being abused owing to the fact that they have no one to take care of them and thus are vulnerable to these form of abuses.;

There are several ways through which child abuse can be prevented;; first, each and every parent should be responsible and provide for their children with their basic needs to cushion them against the possibility of being exploited by other people. Secondly healthcare providers should be educated on how they can identify the signs and symptoms of child abuse so that they can take appropriate measures.; Examples of these signs may include; physical marks on the body, child appearing unkempt, abdominal pain, child using sexual or inappropriate language that is no appropriate for their age.;

schools should develop risk assessment tool that the teachers can use to identify children that are at risk of abuse. For example; students who are not given prepacked lunch, or increased absenteeism and children with parent of history child abuse. Such children ought to be placed in programs that can prevent them from abuse.

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Thirdly, policies and judicial systems should be enacted and strengthened; to come up with punitive measures against those found culpable of child abuse. These institutions should reinforce the rights of children. Governments should also provide free and universal primary education to ensure that all children have equal access to quality education to shape their future.;

Parental training should be encouraged as this will help new parents understand their roles and also be educated on ow to discipline their children rather than using physical or emotional abuse as a form of punishment.;

Provision of shelters for abused children. This will protect the children from repeated abuse and thus allow them to heal and grow in an upright manner as the society wants them to be. Home visitation programs should be advocated for so that the social workers or nurses can visit children in their homes to assess for any signs of abuse or any risk factors that can increase the probability of child abuse.;

More employment opportunities should opened and more parents to take up these posts so that they can be economically stable and thus be in a position to take full responsibility of the needs of their children. Unemployed plays a bigger role in child neglect and thus it should be discouraged.

Gender violence is also a contributing factor towards child abuse and thus should discouraged too. some families prefer a certain gender to the other and hence end up discriminating against some particular sex thereby contributing to child abuse.

In conclusion; child abuse has devastating effects on the physical and cognitive well-being of the child and thus should be discouraged at all costs. Juvenile Judicial services should be made stronger and severe punishments instituted to deal strongly to anyone who abuses children.