Paper examples of child abuse cases – Term Paper

Effects of child sexual abuse


child abuse is one of the most critical problems affecting modern society. this is one of the most social issues that need to be addressed with immediate effect. the reason why its categorised as a social effect because it involves physical and sexual types of violence that are mostly practised in families which do not adhere to the culture and norms. child abuse covers all types of physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect from elders, exploitation that often leads to interference with child’s health, dignity development and also interrelationship of responsibilities. there several forms of child abuse as categorized below.

Many difficulties stem from the victims that have faced and will face child abuse and neglect on a daily basis. The research into the root causes, effects, intervention, and prevention of child abuse and neglect has become abundant to the point, that it is unclear as to which approach would be most successful in curbing the tide of child violence and neglect. A thorough analysis of the research that is currently available helped to enable finding options for addressing the problem, how early prevention works, warning signs to look out for, and effective programs developed for schools.

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sexual abuse where there is harassment in the sexual background. the child is involved in different sexual actions, demonstration of genitals or other fields related to pornographic works such as films and books. at the age of 15 years and below children are always very vibrant and got total sexual inviolability. they often take part in such issues not knowing that such actions carry violent components. the age of teenagers, characteristics and the fact that several hormones are developing they have got high psyche of getting involved in such behaviours in regardless of the degree of harm it caries. in conclusion, the government should set tough rules and laws protecting children from all types of abuse caused by either their parents, elders, or even their caretakers.
emotional abuse involves the kind of input that a child gets to their emotions. its most difficult to be proved but it is the most common form of abuse in the families. it includes telling threats to a child such as thorough beating when disobeys or does something wrong, humiliation such name calling and criticism, neglecting child’s needs and interests such as denial from hanging out with peers and also refusing to provide conditions for the child’s development. for this kind of abuse to be avoided sometimes families which got low cultural level need to be educated on how to treat children.

physical abuse includes beatings, infliction of bodily harm, any other physical impact on the child, as well as deliberate deprivation of food, water and the possibility to satisfy natural needs. parents need to take measure in ensuring their children are well natured and need providing for them to develop with dignity and responsibility.

to sum up, all stakeholders got a responsibility to make sure children are safe from all kind of abuse so as to build them for future development. its the right of the parents to have their children protected with the support from government or any other supporting body that protects the rights of children.


Child labor as a form of violence

child abuse is a form of violence that is always inflicted upon young children who can not support themselves both financially and education. This sort of abuse has always made way onto headlines on our screens today. There are many forms of child abuse that are seen in each and every corner of the globe. In this essay we will be discussing these forms of child abuse and how we can prevent it.

child labor is the main form of child abuse that is being experienced by children. This kind of abuse is mainly found in Africa. Most countries in this continent do not have proper skilled personnel. therefore, they always tend to recruit children to help them with there daily chores. In a country like Zimbabwe many children have always been seen carrying weapons. The rebel camps in this country have recruited their soldiers in the form of children. This children are not given the basic fundamental right of education and proper upbringing. Their daily routine is violence. That is the kind of life that they are subjected to. To prevent this form of child labor, the African countries together with the support of the united nations need to come together and help brush out the rebel camps and rescue many of these youngsters from the jaws of death. This can be done through a treaty that can be signed by both the state and rebel leaders. Building of better schools can also be a good form of child abuse prevention and also creating awareness and encouraging parents to take their kids to schools.

Many kids also find themselves in the Human trafficking network. In this area most children are smuggled into other countries to work as houseboys and house girls. Others are even turned into sexual tools, making them a tool to satisfy the men. The number of children who are practicing prostitution is alarming. It leaves us a question of how bad can the financial situation be for us so that our young children are opting to practice prostitution? To prevent this also, as parents we need to sacrifice ourselves so as to improve the lives of our small children. Governments also have to put a law that prevents the practice of prostitution and also look for a way to better the living conditions of their citizens.

In worst cases children are beaten to death in some countries. For example, in Saudi Arabia a girl child does not have any form of independence. she is to remain in the house always, growing up putting in mind that her main role is to just please her man when she is married. Girl children are not educated and this country they have the worst number of females who have gone to school. Therefore, the Saudi government needs to address this issue immediately.

In conclusion, parents together with the governments have to work together to prevent child abuse. The governments also have to enact laws that prevent all this sorts of violence and abuses that are faced by our young children around the world.