Environmental Economics Term Paper

Paper on Environmental Economics:

Environmental economics is the science about the rational and effective use of the natural resources and the science about the juridical protection of the natural environment. Because of the human activity the nature has been suffering a lot.

People use the natural resources irrationally exhausting them polluting the atmosphere, water and soil, destroying forests, flora and fauna of the planet, which causes the global warming up process, contamination of the air, water, soil, food and nearly everything essential for the human life. In order to stop the harmful anthropogenic effect on the nature people have decided to combine efforts and restore the environment or at least reduce the tempo of the destruction of the nature.

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People have understood that the further destruction of the environment would kill the human civilization, so the sphere of environmental economics appeared. It is major aim is to set the priorities of the social and economic development which maintains in its turn the balanced functioning of the social and ecologic systems.

The main duties of environmental economics are: the study of the economic aspects of the connection between the society and the nature; the analysis of the controversial problems based on the need of the further development of the society and the opportunities of the nature to maintain it; the integration of the environment into economics to give it the objective cost; the creation of the methodology of the optimal development of the society which would not harm the natural environment; the search of the solutions of the improvement of the condition of the environment with the involvement of business.

Environmental economics is the science which is aimed to show to the businessmen that they activity causes harm to the nature and people as the part of the environment. Furthermore, if environmental issues are integrated into economics, it would be impractical to ruin the nature, because they make money on the healthy environment. The issue is quite complicated and thought provoking and the student has the right to prepare a good term paper which would explain the idea of environmental economics and discuss its major aspects in detail. It is important to mention the structure, methods, factors, functions and aims of environmental economics to research the problem efficiently.

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