Chinese Education – Term Paper

Education in China          

The findings explains the reliability of western education establishments through the results of the interviews and questionnaire. The activity depends on the ability of the western education to provide a reliable alternative to the current academic issues that face education system of china. The four students in the interview explained that government has implemented a schooling curriculum that trains the students on passing exams. “They just care about the grade. I attend Western Education in order to improve my ability of study how to use knowledge instead of the ability of how to memorize the knowledge.” This explanation given out by Arrow, who explains the weakness of the Chinese education system compared to the western. The quotation illustrates key reasons as to why the eight students prefer the education system. The response explains reasons why the government should come up with a system that gives curricular alternative to the students across the country. Based on the findings, eight out of the eleven students prefer the western education system is the most preferred. This is because it offers an existing alternative to the students in the china. The western education system because of the outstanding benefit gained from the adoption of the education establishments.

            The western education structure has some influence in the country. The understanding of the advantages accrued from adopting the Western education is an essential factor that needs to be closely observed for creating a perfect comparison. Ideally, the understanding of the United States education curriculum and the United Kingdom educational curriculum is necessary for the conceptualizing of the educational needs that students need (Yu, 2012). A look at the educational curriculum in China explains the difference that exists amongst the systems of the western education institutions. The structural differences that are in existence exemplify the learning techniques applied in the schools together with other essential things that need to be properly understood for creating a perfect analysis. This gives the proper comparison on the key differences that exists between the educational systems of the countries.

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            The Advanced Placement (AP) curriculum is an educational program applied in the United States. The college board of the United States developed the education program. The program aims at offering college-level examinations and curriculum to students that are still in high school. The action takes place to assess the level of academic knowledge that the students have in the schools. Based on the findings, the application of the educational curriculum enables students to granted placements into the universities and colleges around the country. The chance is only available to students that manage to record high scores in the relevant subjects that the tests ask. The creation of the educational curriculum has worked for the benefit of most students within the country. Ideally, the system is admired by many countries within the globe owing to its level of success after its application.

            The preparation of the AP curriculum makes up an essential subject of debate owing to the technique applied in the creation of the curriculum. The higher learning institutions create the curriculum required for each subject through the College Board. The board is led by a group of academic experts and educators at the college level that specializes in a specific field. The action facilitates the creation of quality education that is necessary for the delivery of perfect results to be used by various colleges when granting admission to students. The attainment of education is a relevant activity that needs to be carried out for the benefit of the students “I choose AP because AP Curriculum can give me credits in the university, which means that I can choose some classes I am interested in and graduate early. ” This is according to Esther in regards to the western education specifications. Ideally, it explains the reasons as to why the twelve students like western education establishments. Students across the United States take the education seriously owing to the advantages accrued once a person passes the college level examinations that the AP curriculum gives to most students in the country.

            The education system works for the benefit of the students that take the AP examinations. The AP examinations focus on the ability of the student to understand the basic knowledge that needs to be applied during the course. According to findings, the students that took the AP tests before admission to the universities and passed yield a different performance level compared to the students that opt not to do the tests (Yu, 2012). A look at the results on the units that they undertook during the education at the universities is a clear reflection of the performance. The ones that took the AP tests seemed to have high scores compared to students that did not have the education. Ideally, it enabled the students to maintain high GPA. In conclusion, the AP curriculum works for the benefit of most students within the United States.

            The AP curriculum creates an added advantage to the quality of higher education in the United States. The curriculum enables the students to choose their preferred educational field and come up with a reliable academic choice on the preferred subjects (Pepper, 2010). This enables the students to specialize in the subject and finish the course early. The action also enables the student to come up with the required academic knowledge combined with the skills on the related field. This takes place because of the specific time allocated in the creation of specific goals and targets of the course. This has made the universities and colleges around the United States to distribute skilled labor to the American job market that is qualified to perform the specific tasks allocated to them. Consequently, the application of the curriculum works for the benefit of the country.

            A look at the British Advanced level curriculum is also essential for the research. It is a qualification based on the subject that makes up the General Certificate of Education together with the School qualification of leaving in the education system. Educational bodies within Britain offer the education system (Kipnis, 2011). The system is available to the students that have just completed their pre-university or secondary education. The education system is applied in most countries across the globe owing to the ability of it delivering quality educational standards to learners across the world (Stephens, 2013). Countries such as Zimbabwe and Singapore make up the list of nations that apply the system but in a different mechanism. The obtaining of the A level is essential because it is a basic university requirement that needs to be met by the students.

            The application of the education curriculum is quite different from the ones applied in the United States. This is because of the fact that the fact that the advanced level takes a longer period to determine if the child has passed and qualified to join the universities. The AP program in the United States takes a shorter time compared to the British system (Gu, 2014). However, both of them make up one of the common educational systems that are applied in the world. They both symbolize the western education establishments “Because my parents and I did not know about the difference between AP and A-Level when I was grade 10.” The mentioned quotations given by David explain the popularity of the AP system in the country.  This is owing to the impact of the system of education to other countries across the globe comparison with Chinese education system explains the difference that exists between the two educational systems that are used in the country. In conclusion, the understanding of both educational curriculums is a necessary activity that needs to be understood on a broader concept.