Christian Ethics in Business – Term Paper

Christian business ethics

The special revelation concepts linked with the Christian ethical concepts are critical in any business function. Directions given on profits and how to incorporate the earnings to proper use are an insightful beginning towards a charitable and an ethical business. Moreover, the idea that human conscience and nature is ideal for any business to flourish creates a better business environment for both the client and the service provider (p.64).

Therefore, as a business oriented individual, incorporating the ethical theory for the primary aim of ensuring a running business with less bankrupt issues and a good reputation will be essential after graduation and absorption into business. 

It is true that managers are tasked to ensure that every decision made is right. However, the managers can only make decisions such as maintaining a work force, increasing the profit margins, and collaborating with other companies only under conditions that the production rate is above average, at a reduced level or a company has a better offer as compared to the current service or good provided. It is the duty of every manager to ensure that all the projected profits and documented proceeds reflect the ideal position of a company. Thus, falsifying documents may impede the performance of a company which is usually realized in a short period. Through the ethical theory well known to the manager, employees’ treatment and allotment of duties will be fairly distributed and the required cut off payment maintained in relation to the amount of workload (p.64)[ Ibid]. The agreements made between two or more companies are rarely broken of the right ethical concepts are incorporated during the selling or buying of companies raw materials for the manufacture of the brand products. Thus, incorporating ethics into business transactions will aid in uncontrollable situations such as skewed budget or underpaid labor.

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Christianity and business ethics

Notably, trust, client and employee satisfaction are crucial for the success of a business. Beyond doubt, other companies will only interact with a firm if their products are worth the price and of good quality. It is also accurate to say that fairness must be present for a continued business relation. On the contrary, the idea that ‘the client is always right’ must not be used in all circumstances. There are some clients who will only be there as the devil’s agent and ready to destroy whenever given an opportunity. The employees and staff members must also be given a voice whenever a client is wrong. Some well known businesses like the McDonalds have prospered since they have given their employees the required attention more since it is the employees’ that determine the client retention rates and satisfaction. Thus, concentrating on the staff is vital for a successful business management position. Agreeably, the decisions made must always keep the staff happy and collaborative participation from the employees will ultimately aid in achieving the company’s target goals (p.335)[ Ibid]. Satisfied employees will surely give them a feeling of ownership of a business and it is a good idea to increase their pay whenever deemed necessary. 

It is vital to note that, it is not every time that every decision made will be in the favor of the leader and therefore, it is not unlawful to make bad decisions. However, as a leader, an individual must learn from the past errors and avoid similar mix-up in the future. The employees may forgive such actions if not repeatedly evidenced (p.8)[ Ibid]. Following the ethical concepts will be an essential tool but integrating the ideas with the current business theoretical concepts is equally important. Integrating both business and the Christian ethical concept will ensure that the staff and clients are all satisfied. Not all companies will be happy with the ethical theories applied as some will prefer short cuts but, practicing good ethics in every business is what drives it to success even after prior failures. It is true that lawsuits that lead to losses will be avoided through moral practices. Hence, the company will run more on a win condition for every individual that is part of its success.  


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