Christian Leadership Term Paper

Paper on Christian Leadership:

Christian leadership is the process of management the church for the improvement of the quality of its services. Every institution is supposed to have a leader for the control of the work of the organization and its members and the church is not an exception. It is obvious that it is not easy to control the work and structure of the church and to organize its services for many people. Most often the leader of the church is represented by a pastor who organizes the work of the church, maintains the energy and water supply, etc. Moreover, he is responsible for the advertisement of the events which would take place in the church and informs the parish about the church service and its topic.

Every church is a non-commercial organization which exists exclusively due to the public or private donations.

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People have the right to donate their money to the church in order to repair the building and to purchase everything what is needed for the service.

The finance of the church is also controlled by the main priest who decides how to spend the money – for the building and for charity. Charity is also the process which is controlled and motivated by the pastor. He informs the parish about the people and institutions which are in need and the active volunteers collect money for help. Christian leader is also expected to help the people from the parish who are in need. The most common help is the moral support, so the priest should be a sociable and communicative person who is good at interpersonal communication and human psychology.

Christian leadership is the activity aimed at the organization of the church’s work and its appropriate service for the people. The issue on Christian leadership is quite a complicated one and the student is able to observe the problem in detail and compose a good term paper which would illustrate it from all sides. The student’s duty is to focus on the explanation of the importance of Christian leadership, the functions of the leader and the problems which occur because of the unskilful management of the church. The student should also provide the professor with the examples of the quality Christian leadership in the definite religious institutions.

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