Autism – Term Paper

Autism BY Merrymakers Week 4 outline Julia King Walker Outline Introduction: I decided to do my term paper on what I believe Is a very Intriguing topic, autism. Autism Is an extremely complex developmental disability that usually begins anytime between birth and three years old. The outcome Is a neurological disorder that not only influences the regular functioning of the brain, but, impacts progress in social and communication skills. Both adults and children that have autism usually have complications with verbal and non-verbal communication, social interactions, and leisure and play time activities. https://www. Functionalities. Com/) Epidemiology: Autism is definitely more common than portrayed in the past. It is actually second in prevalence to mental retardation amongst the more severe developmental disorders. Nearly one in eighty-eight children have been diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. It has been reported that autism can occur in all ethnic, racial, and socioeconomic groups. Studies have shown that autism is typically five times more common to occur In boys than girls. (https://www. CDC. Gob/inched/autism/ data_HTML) Etiology: There is not just a single cause for autism.

But, in general most people think it is caused by abnormalities in brain structure and function. If you look at a brain scan of an autistic person then you will see the scan shows significance differences in the function or structure of the brain versus a normal healthy brain. In an abundance of cases there seems to be somewhat of a pattern of autism or other mental disassembles. There is actually not one single gene alone that has been proven to be the cause of autism, but, some research is being done to search for irregular segments of genetic code.

It seems that autism occurs more often when accompanied with certain medical conditions. Such as, tuberous sclerosis, fragile X syndrome, untreated phenolphthalein, and congenital rubella syndrome. There are also some researchers that suggest that environmental toxins, such as mercury, could be contributing to some cases of autism. ( https://www. Autism-society. Org/about-autism/causes/) Diagnosis: There are many signs of autism. Often, early signs of autism can be identified as early as six to eight-teen months.

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In some cases If a baby obsesses or Is infatuated with one object for a long period of time or does not acknowledge or respond to not respond to name, try not initiate eye contact, lack Joint attention, (as in gazing or omitting at objects for extended periods of time), or make repeated movements, like, flapping arms or rocking in place. They may even play with toys in unusual or different ways. Such as, focusing on a microscopic part on a toy instead of the whole all around toy or even setting the toys up in different lines. https:// www. Disenfranchisement’s. Org/what-is-autism/Autism-diagnosis-o) Prognosis: Any autism spectrum disorder is scary no matter what the situation is. There are countless questions regarding autism. Is it a life sentence or Just a simple challenge to conquer? Is there ever going to be a chance for a cure? As discouraging as it may sound the answers are consistently the same every time, “we do not know’. Early detection with accelerated treatment and/or developmental therapy is definitely for the best.

That also does not promise any particular result. A higher functioning child usually does exceptionally well in the long-term, but, not every time. In some cases a special diet plan can help a little for some children but again not every time. There is not all bad and confusing new concerning autism spectrum disorders. Some nice news would be that many children that are diagnosed with an autism spectrum crosier at some point in time may progress to where they might lose the diagnosis all together.

Also, some even develop extraordinary talents or skills. (https:// autism. About. Com/b/2011101 /26/autism-what’s-the-prognosis. HTML) Treatment: As with many diseases or disorders early detection is what is most important. Some children with autism may even acquire an adequate amount of skills to participate in mainstream schooling systems with early interventions. Research shows that autistic children with two plus years of early interventions with a correct educational environment before starting school can end up with tremendous improvements.

Sufficient programs would focus on establishing communication, social, and cognitive skills. Regular pediatrician/doctor checkups are more than recommended. The most efficient and impressive treatments include applied behavioral analysis, occupational therapy, speech therapy, physical therapy, and pharmacological therapy. Treatments are used to decrease the impact of associated deficits and core features of autism and increase practical self-sufficiency and aspect of life. (https://www. Disenfranchisement’s. Org/what-is-autism/Autism-diagnosis/ treatment-options)