Term Paper on Iran

Paper about Iran:

Iran is the country is North West of Asia with the capital in Tehran. Iran has long and bright history and it has left a serious trace in the history of the humanity. The old name of Iran is Persia, which is known for its old (3 thousand BC) enormous empire (stretched from Greece to The Indus River) and powerful troops which struggled against the troops of Alexander the Great. Nowadays, Iran has reduced in its size, but still, the country is the 18th biggest country in the world and it has the access to The Caspian Sea and The Persian Gulf. The access to the sea opens wide perspectives for the country and its trade, making Iran one of the most influential countries in Western Asia and the second biggest economy in the Islamic World after Turkey. Moreover, it is one of the most technologically developed countries in West of Asia and its strategically important location makes Iran one of the leading countries in the region.

Finally, the economy and influence of Iran is supported with the fact, that the country is rich in oil and natural gas, so it can be among the world’s biggest suppliers of these resources. Iran is known to have strong influence of religion; that is why its political system is based on the democratic values represented by its parliament and the elements of religious theocracy or the strong influence of Islam on the life of the country. Iran is a very important country for Muslims, because there are two sacred places there which attract more than million tourists annually – Mashhad and Qom.

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Iran is one of the most ancient countries in the world and one of the most developed countries in its region. When one is asked to prepare a term paper about Iran, the student should read about the country as much as possible and observe the issue from all sides. The student is expected to dwell on the history of Iran, its economic development, geography and natural resources which are produced in the country, etc. It is wise to write about the value of culture and religion in Iran, and define its role in West Asia predicting the further growth of the country.

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