Cochlear Implants Term Paper

Implants Term Paper:

A cochlear implant is a medical device, prosthesis, which can increase the sense of sound for the patients who are deaf or who are close to this condition. In every country there are millions of people who have problems with hearing. Although the majority of them can solve this problem with a simple hearing aid, its opportunities are not so great to help the certain patients who require more effective devices. When a hearing aid is useless and can not improve the hearing of a patient, cochlear implant becomes the best solution of this problem. Furthermore, there are cases (generally connected with nerves) when nothing but a cochlear implant can help a patient obtain hearing. Under the term of cochlear implant one understands the whole system of cochlear implants and a single part or element which is implanted. The implant is a complicated device with consists of a microphone which enables the patient to hear the sounds of the world around, a speech processor, a transmitter, a receiver and stimulator.

The device is inserted under the skin behind the human ear. It is obvious that cochlear implant is effective only in the certain cases, because if the auricular analyzer is damaged, the device will not improve the hearing of the patient. Furthermore, there is a risk of a negative effect of a cochlear implant on the human health. For example, there can be paralysis of the facial nerve on the side of the implant; the disorder of taste; vestibular disorders; headaches; etc.

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A cochlear implant is an effective solution to the problem of poor hearing but like any implant it has its positive and negative sides. If one wants to complete a successful term paper on cochlear implants, he will have to read about the topic a lot and collect enough facts for the analysis. It will be useful to look through a few cases related to cochlear implants in order to understand the problem better. The student should explain the structure and aim of cochlear implants and dwell on their advantages and disadvantages. One should analyze the problem from all sides in order to succeed in the process of writing and conclude the paper on cochlear implants well.

In order to prepare a good term paper himself a student can take advantage of a free cochlear implants term paper in the Internet. The plus of this kind of help is great, because reading an example paper a student learns about the process of writing and analysis of the problem more. A free cochlear implants term paper sample prepared by a professional writer can increase the student’s chances to complete a well-formatted and interesting assignment paper himself.