College credit – Term Paper

Let’s start credit was my place of choice because of the expected contribution it would have towards the achievement of one of the primary goals of joining the college. Earning best credit possible is an objective to most students and also an expectation from other stakeholders in education such as parents and tutors. Therefore, it is necessary for one to focus on the best ways of building credits. I plan to visit the offices on 14th March 10, 2017, at 9 am. After that, I expect to continue visiting the office frequently so that I can share my experience with others and get more guidelines on how to overcome any occurring challenges.

The key services offered by the office include helping in building credit in the best way and ensuring one keeps the right balance between education life and other overlapping aims. Regular visits to the office would ensure acquisition of the right skills towards building credit that would remain beneficial during and after college. The most surprising place in the college was the focus set under sustainability programs because of its aim to serve the community, an activity that may not have a direct benefit. It was more surprising because of the broad skills required to ensure that the program is successful.

Overall, the contentment earned from the visit will enable me to make the best of every skill and resource I have acquired in school and life. It will also strengthen my will to be better and do better by day. This will come with better decision-making, self-discipline, and self-motivation and also to henceforth maintain a healthy lifestyle that will enable me to prioritize well and be a blessing to everyone I encounter.

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