Being a good noodle from one college student to another – Term Paper

It is easy to sit back in envy of the students in college who never miss an assignment and completely ruin the curve for every exam. Those people have to be geniuses. Those students must not have a social life. It must come natural to them. I admit that I am one of the students that rarely misses a due date and gets As on all of my exams. Being a good student has always been important to me, and that is what has driven me to succeed in all areas of my life. However, contrary to common misconceptions, being a good student has not resulted from giving up my social life or being a genius. In the words of Spongebob, I will share two key tips that have helped me keep all of my good noodle stars throughout my education.

The first tip that I can give to any student in college is to build relationships with your professors. One main way to do this is to attend class. As easy as this sounds, you can come up with a large amount of excuses to skip. It doesn`t matter if you think you already know the material or if attendance isn`t counted as a grade. Making a connection with your professor begins with seeing them frequently, and it is definitely more convenient to see them in class than to seek them out during free time. After you manage to get yourself to class, the next important part of building a relationship is participating. Asking questions and being engaged shows professors that you care and are trying to better yourself. If they know you are putting in the effort, they will be way more willing to work with you. Now when you find yourself struggling to understand a lecture or don`t know what to study for an exam, it won`t be out of the blue for you to request your professor`s help. I can`t express enough how important your professors can be while receiving your college education.

My second main tip to be a good student is to put an appropriate amount of effort into every part of your grade. Exams are usually a huge part, so it is important to go into them prepared. It is not always beneficial to study the same way everyone else does, but it is vital to study in whichever way works best for you individually. Always follow through with your studying routine because I don`t believe that learning the course material once in class is enough to remember it a few months later no matter how easy you think it is. We can all agree that exams are important because they affect your grade the most, but what you might not realize is how much those homework and essay points can buffer your grade.This is where it becomes important to balance your efforts. Don`t just forget about the little assignments, but also don`t blow off your exams expecting the little points to make up for it.

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I won`t lie and say that being a good student should come easily because I know that it doesn`t for me no matter what my 4.0 GPA says. I want to procrastinate assignments and not study for exams as much as every other college student. However, it is during the times when you struggle that it helps the most to communicate with your professors and focus on putting effort into all of your assignments. I know that these two tricks are what kept me on track to become the good student that I am today.