Characteristics of a good student – Term Paper

Being a good student can be difficult. Academic success requires a great deal of hard work, devotion, and planning. Good students should also achieve a good work-life balance to maintain their health and endurance. By approaching studying strategically, students maximize their chances of academic success.

First, students should prioritize projects by their deadlines. Time-sensitive tasks should be completed first in order to ensure that the student has adequate time to complete them. Tasks that are not time-sensitive, by contrast, may be moved around more easily. Completing time-sensitive tasks first also promotes stress management because a student is lessed likely to feel pressure from a deadline.

Students should also be aware of their strengths and weaknesses when completing their school work. Not all professors give the same type of work; for example, some professors rely heavily on tests and others rely more on assignments. As a result, it is a good idea for students to take classes offered by professors who give the type of work best compatible with their methods of learning. Similarly, students should determine the way they learn most effectively and employ that method while studying. Some students learn best by reading the material, some learn best by listening to it, and others learn best through practical application. By studying in the way most conducive to their individual styles of learning, students will be able to study most effectively.

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One of the simplest and most important tips for academic success is to be devoted to studying. This involves making school a serious priority. Excelling in academics requires completing all the coursework, attending class daily, and studying for tests. It also involves dedicating long hours and self-sacrifice. Being devoted is easier when students are genuinely interested in their chosen courses of study. However, even when students are interested in the material, success in school will sometimes require studying when they have no desire to do so. In order to stay motivated, it is important for students to set specific goals and work to achieve them.

It is axiomatic that studying coincides with academic success, but stress management is also imperative. Too much studying without self-care may cause burn out and be deleterious to a person`s mental, emotional and physical health. Therefore, students should schedule time to relax in order to maintain the balance necessary to lead a normal life. Frequently, difficult scholastic programs are tests of endurance; therefore, students should take breaks when studying for long periods of time. Students may also give themselves rewards for spending a certain number of hours studying. Additionally, students should practice self-care through exercising, eating regular meals, and limiting alcohol intake.

Beginning a new course of study is frequently a daunting task. However, by taking active measures to engage the material, success is within reach. Students should strive to push themselves in their school work; in doing so, they should develop a methodology that works best for them. However, students should endeavor to balance their schoolwork with other aspects of their lives. By being conscientious and dedicated, students maximize their chances to succeed in their field of choice.