Term Paper on Electronics to Microelectronics

to Microelectronics Term Paper:

Electronics is the science which studies the relation of electrons with the electromagnetic fields and the methods of creation of the electric appliances, which are generally used to receive, transmit and keep information. Before the origin of electronics was the invention of radio. Radio became extremely popular at once and was used for the military purposes and it is known that everything which is used for the needs of the army is developed and financed properly. Very soon, due to the research in this sphere, television and radar were invented which were actively used in the World War II. At first electronics was based on the vacuum tubes, no wonder, it was called vacuum electronics. Unfortunately, vacuum tubes consumed too much energy and they were uncomfortable in transportation, so the scientists did much work for the development of solid-state electronics, which is based on the use of diodes and transistors.

The further development of electronics is connected with the development of computers. The computers which were based on transistors were characterized with enormous sizes, consumption of energy and low reliability, because of the great number of details. In order to solve this problem integrated circuits and microprocessors were created.

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Microelectronics is the further step in the development of electronics, because it uses the previous achievements of the discipline but makes the details and components of every appliance smaller and more reliable.

Today microelectronics is the key field of electronics, because people require portable, reliable and powerful appliances, so the research and development of the microelectronic technologies continues constantly.

Electronics and its sub-field microelectronics are the important topics for the research and the experts in electronics should always follow the latest investigations and innovations in these spheres. A successful electronics to microelectronics term paper should be informative, interesting and logical. A student should explain the value of electronics for the humanity and connect the main topic of electronics with its subdivision of microelectronics logically. A student should read a lot on the topic to collect enough data for the analysis and description of the topic.

It will be a plus to present the historical gradual development of the science and share its first achievements with the reader. One should conclude the paper professionally and prove that microelectronics is the most perspective field of electronics and prove it with the reliable evidence.

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