Customer Information – Term Paper

Question one

Many companies choose to omit their telephone numbers on their websites for various reasons. However, it is crucial to include such information as it improves reliability and trust towards the customer. Moreover, it enhances good customer-company relations as they can easily interact thus customer loyalty which reflects positively to the sales of the company. Where the company charges additional fees for access to such services, the consumers are discouraged as they incur additional expenses on their part. For companies to encourage customers to utilize web-based support, they should feature user-friendly websites and offer support that is instantaneous with the consumer’s inquiries. 

Question two

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Customer empathy is one effective way to create good customer relations in a company. This has the advantage of improving customer loyalty and reliability. The idea of empathy assures maximum customer satisfaction. This creates a positive image towards the organization as customer beliefs are given priority always. However, such approaches are likely to suffer certain disadvantages. For instance, some consumers will take advantage in such scenarios where they make mistakes in acquiring those services for the self-benefit. This, in turn, creates unnecessary expenditure towards the company when rectifying the consumer’s mistakes.

Question three

In every workplace, each generation is characterized by work age and life experiences of each generation. The seniors view the workplace as an obligation. They value hard work and have due respect for authority. They believe in duty before fun. Baby boomers, on the other hand, view the workplace as an exciting adventure. They desire quality and in many times question authority. Generation X believes in self-reliance and works to eliminate tasks. They are skeptical and believe in the direction in their workplace. Generation Y are the most energetic and believe in multitasking. Therefore, more goal oriented. They view the workplace as a means to an end fulfillment

These generations communicate about their generational backgrounds with each generation having different attitudes, expectations, behaviors, habits and motivational buttons. For an effective workplace, there is need to learn how to interact and communicate with each generation. A company should encourage a two-way street education where new workers and old workers can learn from each other. Another strategy is separating the workforce among the employees basing on their age and work experience. This way reduces unnecessary work conflicts accruing in the workplace as a result of age, views and work experiences ego among the different working generations. 

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