Information sharing thesis – Term Paper

5.0 Achieving Trust and Collaboration 

5.1 Integrated Intelligence Enterprise

In a dynamic environment, it is important that different participants and exchanges of information in a respectable and reliable way. The department is all about analysis and collectors for the piece fragment for information for intelligence sources. Assured consulting (2017) IC ITE experts create a need for understanding the appropriate information while generating consumption and interacting with the intelligent community[ Assuredconsulting, "IC ITE Integration SME | Assured Consulting Solutions”, Assured Consulting Solutions, last modified 2017, accessed March 16, 2017,]. In today’s environment, the traditional lines create foreign and domestic approaches for the right strategic and tactical operations for consumption. The national intelligent programs are related to the customer and production protocols. Hence, the culture for sharing information while providing the appropriate framework for laws, processes, training and relative information technology. 

The integrated intelligent enterprise encourages the counter interaction for facing and adapting rapidly of the threats while they change with time and emerge permanently well. The information component of an integrated enterprises promises development for the intelligence. The intelligence community participation access all the information for the right authorization. The intelligence life cycle creates a human performance framework for streaming and repositories for the information framework. Boscoianu and Pirnuta (2011) notes that the automation enhances discovering, filtering and delivering the knowledge to users while guarding against the overload of information[ [ Oana-Andreea BOSCOIANU and Mircea PIRNUTA, "THE CULTURAL EFFORT OF INFORMATION SHARING IN THE KNOWLEDGEBASED SOCIETY”, INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE Of SCIENTIFIC PAPER AFASES 2011, last modified 2011, accessed March 16, 2017,]The need to engage and create a management framework works in a push and pull situation while creating the authorization of information. The information is compromised, destroyed and damaged based on the errors of negligence while creating an information structure for various civil liberties of the US citizens. 

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In information sharing, there are key challenges of moving for the managing and the risk protection. In considering the importance of information sharing, the effectiveness, information protection, exists and dynamic tension while making the information available for the authorization and the disclosure of sensitive information for jeopardize methods and sources while endangering civil liberties and endangering for the intentions and adversaries. The culture and collaboration and risk management while ensuring that organization and understanding and trusting partners. The uniform trust model operating in the intelligence community improves information sharing. 

Also, the national security act as signed in 1947 works under the need to know framework which provides the right sources and methods for a well protective mindset. Disclosing of sensitive information is the brighter way of managing the sources of information while ensuring that the methods of managing are appropriate and effective given that they provide a culture of the managing information. CITE further notes that the information sharing model is based on culture of “responsibility to provide “which creates an access based of data management while expanding the mission of objectives and associating the disclosure process with the surrounding objectives of information sharing. In this case, the intelligence community fosters a greater collaboration by ensuring the collaboration and partners are aligned to the partners.  

5.2 Crowdsource Solutions 

According to Intelligence ARPA, as well as the Office of the Director of National Intelligence there is a structured collaboration that creates a reliable opportunity for crowd sourcing that is beyond various traditional applications. The information is organized and harnessed through crowd wisdom for various accurate forecasts. The crowd sourcing creates a structured technique that improves the reasoning for complex analytical issues that results to the technology naturally being valuable to the intelligence for the entire community[ Dn[, "IARPA Launches "CREATE” Program To Improve Reasoning Through Crowdsourcing”, Dni.Gov, last modified 2017, accessed March 16, 2017,]e surrounding questions results to the conflicting evidenced based on the degrees of uncertainty that surrounds the judgments making process. The platform relates to the different perspectives for supporting the rational problem analysis.

The DNI and the IC ITE community, working closely with the Pentagon, the Congress and the Senate spend billions in crowd sourcing infrastructure. Most of the funds are channeled towards hardware and software systems. The systems develop computer algorithm that digest information in a carefully crafted way for profession opinion. Also, the intelligence and the systems failures ensures that the information is protected from damaging while avoiding possible pitfalls that might lead to the collapse of new technologies. 

In particular, the Intelligence Advanced Research Project helps in creating the right accuracy for the intelligence forecasting while developing the right auspices for the ODNI invests in research programs that provide the intelligence community with relevant information on future adversaries. The research associated works closely in launching the program while improving the traditional approaches for gathering expert opinion in computer software. The system further chooses the sources of information hence assign the appropriate participation of all sections of the information.  

For instance, the Southeast for the division was headquartered for the Raleigh for the termed with the device of farming and global intelligence while questioning the general public on the internet. In collecting the crowd sourced information, it becomes important to the sign in to the principle investigation while exploring a range of different politics, military, technology, social affairs and technology. 

The crowd source information operating in real life situation creates the best interests in providing the right feedback for the more accurate predictions of the possible security breaches. In this case, the research on security presents the appropriate forecasting of information while operating under the environment of sharing. The Crowdsourcing helps in solving various quantitative questions that are related to the predicted probability of engaging in diverse social and economic climates that tends to be more difficult. The system further provides clearer and accurate information based on the written conclusion that provides the right accuracy for the appropriate accuracy. The predictions are also collected with the various opinions that are taken more seriously on their future participation for the greatest functional authority. The computer modeling procedure is based on the national defense model that helps in calculating things carefully while forecasting continuity for the almost impossible and accurately and predicting possible information breaches hence help in preventing the war. 

5.3 Cyber Defense National Guard Act

According to the Cyber Defense National Guard Act, the DNI acts in the Defense and Secretary of the Homeland Security provides critical infrastructure in response to either cyber attack for the manmade intentions for catastrophic incident[ Sheila[ Sheila Jackson, "H.R. 955: Cyber Defense National Guard Act”, last modified 2017, accessed March 16, 2017,*.]ber Defense National Guard works within the prevailing academic institutions. Hence, the Bill Widget published by the Sheila Jackson Lee which provided the right position for the House of Representatives for the appropriate conservancy and leadership core.

5.4 National Intelligence Social Media 

Under the DNI, the federal information provides a deliberative process that recognizes the ability to operate the social media while providing the right information for privacy and civil liberties[,[, "IC Information Sharing Executive”, Dni.Gov, last modified 2016, accessed March 16, 2017,]cy further provides the right security framework under the right consideration of the media information. The collection of information in publicly available social media information hence provides the right appropriate investigative tool. The social media policy places important restrictions for the federal government while reaching into the private clearance for various applicants. The national security concern at this point process information concerning the individuals being investigated. The information is collected advertently and is pursued without requesting and providing social media passwords for the private accounts and action for the non-publicly social media information. 

The security clearance procedure operates under intense scrutiny for obtaining and maintaining the right clearance. The procedure includes the interactions with foreign nations for travelling abroad while undergoing an extensive assessment of the investigations and counter investigation. The procedure of reporting and investigations and reinvestigations whether the system is working carefully is because it provides the public and social media presence with the assurance that the system is appropriate and functioning as required.