Term Paper on Climate Change

Change Term Paper:

Climate change is the alteration of the climatic patterns in the certain territory or the whole planet. The climate of Earth is changing constantly and this process depends on many factors. There have been a great number of the global climatic changes during the whole life of the planet. There were the global warming processes and several ice ages. The period from the 1st century AD to the 17th century is considered to be quite cold, because the average temperature was much lower at that time and severe winters were observes. Since the end of the 17th century the climate has been becoming warmer but the situation can probably change soon and the temperature will reduce.

There are many reasons and factors which predetermine climate change which are divided into the natural and anthropological ones. The natural factors are quite varied: orbital variations of Earth, solar output, magnetic field strength, volcanism, plate tectonics, ocean variability, etc. Evidently, if the planet alters its distance from the Sun and receives less energy, the climate generally changes.

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Anthropological factors are also very important and they are connected with the human activity, industrialization in particular. Because of deforestation and pollution the atmosphere of the planet is overloaded with various harmful gases and very often it does not let the sunlight get to the surface of the planet (smog) or on the contrary does not let the light go back into the space (greenhouse effect). As a result the energy is accumulated in the atmosphere and the temperature increases gradually.

The effect of climate change is harmful. Today we observe the global warming up process which is recognized due to the melt down of the polar ice and deserting. The melt of ice causes the increase of the sea level and vast territories disappear under water. As a result the animals and plants and fish lose their regular homes and become under the risk of extinction. A successful climate change term paper should be informative, interesting and first of all thought-provoking, because climate change influences the human life greatly. One should explain the reasons of the climate change, describe its effect and present a list of the high-quality methods which will help the humanity stop climate change soon.

It is complicated to prepare a term paper on such a vast topic successfully, because one will need to compose a logical strict structure and organize the writing process wisely. With the help of the Internet and a free example term paper on climate change one will understand the methodology of writing at once. Every free sample term paper on global climate change is a piece of valuable experience for every student who has troubles with paper writing.