Computer Architecture Term Paper

Architecture Term Paper:

Computer architecture is the complex of disciplines which study the structure of a computer, which defines the type of the processing of information and its transformation into data and the principles of interrelation of the technical appliances and computer software. The history of computer architecture is quite long, because scientists have been working on the creation of a smart machine for centuries. Blaise Pascal was the French scientist who invented the machine which could conduct the operations of addition and subtraction in 1642. No wonder, the first language used in programming was named after Pascal. In fact, the serious research in the sphere of computer structure started in the middle of the 20th century. In 1949 the first working vacuum lamp computer EDSAC was constructed but its size was so enormous that scientists started to work on more compact machine.

The second generation of computers is connected with the invention of transistors, which enabled to produce smaller and more multitasking computers. In the 1960-ies started the third generation of computer which is based on integrated circuits. In the 18980-ies integrated circuits were improved to such an extent, that millions of transistors could be located on a single motherboard and the era of personal computers began. Today scientists have been working on the further minimization of the computer size and create computers of the fifth generation. The type of computer architecture depends on the function the computer is supposed to fulfil. Scientists and engineers have been working to create more powerful, portable, smarter and cheaper computers which can process and analyze any type of information.

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Computer architecture is the important topic for the research, because without this knowledge any programmer will not be able to be called an expert. In order to complete a term paper on computer architecture a student will have to learn about the problem as much as possible. One is supposed to get to know about the history of the development of computer architecture to be able to follow the process of its improvement. The paper is expected to include original content, interesting facts, high-quality appropriate methods of the research and reliable literature review sources used for the analysis.

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