Tips and tricks of being a successful student – Term Paper

Parents and Teachers are always expecting the best out of their children. It may seem like a lot of pressure but with just the right tips and tricks, anyone can be a good student. First one may ask, what exactly is a good student? My definition of a good student is a student who is dedicated, motivated, hard-working, and disciplined. It is not hard at all to be a good student. A good student should not have to be told to do their work, study, or participate in class, it should come naturally. Furthermore, here is the inside scoop on tips and tricks to being a good student.

The first tip to being a good student is to discipline yourself. One cannot be a good student if you are not well behaved. It is imperative to listen, observe and respond in order to be a good student. It is also important that you don`t let classmates or any outside situations stop you from prospering and reaching your goals. Paying attention, asking questions, and simply listening to what the teacher tells you can go a long way. A teacher will take note of a student who always pays attention and participates, especially when they`re struggling with a problem. So, discipline is the most important tip to being a good student.

The next tip is self-motivation. When things begin to get rough and it seems that there is no one there to encourage you, you have to be willing to motivate yourself and never give up. Giving up is not an option when it comes to being a good student. All good students have been faced with obstacles that they must overcome in order to end on top. Sometimes you are not given that extra push or encouragement that is needed to succeed so you have to motivate yourself.

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If you are an inquirer and a risk taker you are guarantee to be a good student. It is okay to answer questions in class and take the risk of doing something you have never done before. That is how you learn. No question is ever dumb or too simple because that one question can be the cause of you making a B instead of an A on a test. You never know that someone else may have the same question as you but may be too scared to ask so it is important for you to be a good student, take the risk, and ask the question. Also, asking questions shows that you are engaged in the lesson and it even helps you to remember the material better. The teachers are there to teach you and you are there to learn so there is no such thing as asking too many questions if you want to be a good student.

Last but certainly not least, it is very important that you take notes, study those notes, and do your homework. It simply helps you to remember the lesson easier and can be used as a reference for homework. I know homework may not be the most fun thing to do, but it is to help you become a better student and to practice what you have learned on your own.

Being a good student is quite simple. I have done it for 12 years and it was worth it. I was top 10 of my middle school and high school class. You must be motivated, dedicated, hardworking, and disciplined. And please remember, do not procrastinate!!! Stay prepared, focused, and be the good student that you know you can be.