Social Work Term Paper

paper is aimed to analyze the necessity of Social Work Studies for the further employment in the social sphere. I want to analyze how my inner thoughts have changed during the period of time I attend studies in Social Work. I have changed as a person, the only explanation to these changes is one of the studies called “knowing you”. Now I realize who I am, I can objectively name my advantages and disadvantages and that is the main step in self-growth. The skills I develop in conversations and discussions have enabled me to be strong and balanced. I work hard at recognizing when I’m unbalanced, then I try to use positive energy such as yoga or self-awareness to overcome these emotional difficulties and get rid of this passive state.

Social Work studies represent such a model of wellness that makes me feel good. This is a holistic system that provides the balanced operation of diverse aspects of life. Physical, emotional and spiritual spheres of life are controlled by this model of wellness. It’s based on Hettler’s Six Dimensions of Wellness (1979) and takes into consideration all kinds of personal development: emotional, spiritual, social, physical and intellectual.

The main advantage of this model is that it provides the development of all these aspects of the person while all the other models focus only on one of them.

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Using this model helps me to become balanced. This balance includes a lot of components such as self-responsibility, working, eating, feeling and moving. When one of the components is not in an appropriate state, it can lead to emotional, physical or even individual changes.

Now I understand that all the components in the model of wellness are connected and so it’s obvious that different aspects of life require different forms of wellness. Emotional well-being is impossible without self-love and love to others, the physical aspect is based on good food and physical exercises.

I have been working hard on my studies of Social Work and now I recognize that I won’t be able to work with people’s problems if I don’t know myself. I see how important it is that now I know myself better, see my problems and disadvantages and can work on them. Solving my own problems will definitely help me to solve people’s problems. Social Work program helped me to understand that the main principles of life are freedom, power, and honesty.

Balanced use of person’s efforts affords to work successfully and be maximum active and capable of working. The practice of these capabilities in studies of Social Work gives people the possibility to be ready for further employment.

Social Work studies form a strong personality, self-confident, balanced and – what is the most important – ready to work in a social sphere and realize all communicative talents. I can say that now I am coming through this stage of personal development and my progress is evident. My personal growth thanks to these studies will guide me through my journey in Working Service.

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