Social Psychology Term Paper

Paper on Social Psychology:

Social psychology is the branch of psychology which studies the behaviour of the human being in the society. Broader, social psychology focuses on such problems: research of the rules and principles of behaviour and activity of people in the context of their relation with a certain social group and the structure of the social group; studies the rules of the origin of the psychological phenomena which appear on the basis on the social relations; studies the connection of people, what they think about one another and how they treat and influence one another. Social psychology includes three core branches: social psychology of groups, of communication and of an individual. Sociologists try to understand all the factors which influence the social life of people, the quality of this life, the problems which exist there, social psychology of a person, social relations and the forms of the moral or spiritual activity and values.

Due to the profound research there have been discovered a great number of the alteration of the psychics of an individual caused by his social activity: conformity, social facilitation, social inhibition, social pressure, the sense of responsibility and consciousness, etc. The question of the origin of social psychology is quite difficult, because the branch appeared not so long ago on the basis of philosophy, psychology, sociology, etc. Such sciences as economics, political studies, pedagogy and linguistics also made a great contribution into the development of the discipline.

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A good term paper on social psychology is supposed to be informative, interesting and explain the topic from all sides. One will have to touch upon the core idea and problems researched by sociologists and prove that the discipline is quite useful for understanding of the structure of the society and the human psychics in the context of the social relations. A student should pay attention to the historical development of social psychology and present the difference in the research approach and the questions which bothered scholars years ago and now. It is important to mention the main points which are researched today and illustrate the problems which social psychology faces nowadays and predict the further development of the discipline.

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