Educational Psychology Term Paper

Paper on Educational Psychology:

Educational psychology is the branch of psychology, which researches the psychological aspects of bringing up and learning – the major elements and mechanisms of the process of socialization.

The subject of the activity of educational psychology is the research of the principles and rules of the process of socialization, so that the transformation of the human being from the biological creature into the social creature, who is able to live in the human society. Educational psychology does not exist independently, because the discipline is connected with the process of education which embraces numerous other disciplines, like philosophy, sociology, history, psychology and pedagogy.

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Philosophy observes the process of education as the field of the development of the humane traits.

Sociology investigates the influence of the society on the development of the human character, the type of her behaviour and the human activity in the social institutions and social groups.

History pays attention o the development of the educational process and the condition of the educational institutions in the long run of time (demonstrates their evolution). Pedagogy and psychology of course play the core role in the educational process, because the expert learns about the peculiarities of the child’s mind and masters the practical techniques and methods of teaching.

Then, education requires knowledge about the methodology of the creation and organization of the appropriate educational process and the knowledge on the child’s and teenager’s emotional and behavioural side is extremely important for this. The techniques of bringing up and self-bringing up, self-control and self-education are very important for the successful process of education.

Educational psychology is the important discipline which enables to organize the educational process in the most appropriate constructive way. The student should dwell on the explanation of the meaning of the term ‘educational psychology’, explain the meaning of the discipline in broad and narrow forms, present the aspects and purpose of the educational psychology, share the methodology and practical techniques of the subject, evaluate the influence of the educational psychology on the quality of education and demonstrate the connection between educational psychology and other disinclines. The term paper is supposed to be informative and illustrate the problem from all possible sides.

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