Term Paper on Labour Law

Law Term Paper:

Labour law is the complex of the juridical acts and laws which are aimed at regulation of the labour force, labour relations and the relations between the employer and employee. Labour law is the important document which is supposed to control all the actions and interrelations between the employer and employees. The employee relations are very complicated and touch upon many spheres and aspects of the human life: business, management, human resource management, recruitment and selection, etc. The employer who is going to hire someone has to fulfill many requirements. There are many economic and ethic matters which require attention. To begin with, the employer is obliged to select the novice employees on the basic of the fair selection. The tests and exams have to be evaluated in the appropriate valid way. The employee has the right to know about the salary and the employer is obliged to pay it on time and in the right quantity. The law is supposed to protect the employee form the unfair and cynical behaviour of the employer.

The law is also supposed to protect the employee from the negative attitude from the side of the staff and the boss. Very often the boss takes advantage of his position and treats the employees negatively and the phenomenon of abuse on the workplace is quite a widespread problem nowadays. The labour law has to protect employees from such harmful attitude towards the personality and protect her economic, physical, psychological, and other rights and requirements.

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Labour law is closely connected with the labour movements which have taken place in the middle of the 20th century and the end of the 19th century, when the working class was becoming more influential. If the student has received the task to complete a good labour law term paper, he is obliged to research the problem in detail and collect many trustworthy facts about the laws, their tasks, duties, structure, elements, etc. One should dwell on the history of the issue and solve the problem of the classification of the problems which can occur on the workplace and demonstrate how labour law can solve them.

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