Guide to being a good student – Term Paper

What is it that makes a good student? Nobody attends a learning institution with the intentions of being a bad student, however, realistically there are some bad eggs. The perception of a good student is one that receives the highest grade and stays out of trouble, but even an academically struggling individual can be a good student. Say what? Yes, anyone can be a good student if they possess certain qualities that teachers and professors yearn for. Throughout my college career, I have pushed myself academically and personally to fulfill these qualities and I have some tips and tricks so you can be a fine scholar too!

  • Tip #1- Be on time!— Punctuality and success go hand in hand. Time is valuable, and when you arrive late, it communicates unreliability, unprofessionalism, and disrespect; three qualities no successful person possesses. Time management is the essence of success. When you can manage your time appropriately, you exemplify commitment and good planning.
  • Tip #2- Remain teachable!— What does it mean to be teachable, you ask? Coming from a substitute teacher, the teachable students are the ones who always have the desire to learn and improve. Teachability is the foundation of being a good student. If you want to learn and achieve your goals, remain open so you can absorb valuable information that you can use in all aspects of life.
  • Tip #3- Work hard!— As Theodore Roosevelt once said, Nothing worth having comes easy. The determination to succeed comes from within, and if you are willing to put in the time and effort, what you can achieve is limitless. The only person holding you back is yourself!
  • Tip #4- Be prepared!— As a nursing student, it is very easy to fall behind on readings when you have long clinical days, skills practices, lecture, workshops, proctored exams (separate from lecture exams) and care plans due by tomorrow. How do I prepare for all this chaos? I prepare and manage my time wisely through keeping a planner. All assignments are written down on the calendar due date so I never forget. This strategy also helps me in planning out my week so that I can decide which days I want to complete which assignments, days I can study, and so on. Being prepared does not just mean managing your time, but also being physically prepared. This means getting enough sleep the night prior, eating well so you can be energized, and bringing all necessary material with you to follow along.
  • Tip #5- Be a leader!— A leader sets an example for those around them and guides them in a certain direction. A good student would possess this leadership quality because they would have the drive to influence their peers and help others. Not only is the leader helping others, but this is also a trick to help yourself! If you are able to teach it, it means you are able to understand the material.

Now that I have discussed what it takes to be a good student, all of you prospective scholars can go out there and make it happen! Just follow my tips and try your hardest, because after all, trying your hardest is one of the many qualities it takes to be a good student.