How to become an outstanding student – Term Paper

In my opinion, there are many different methods to be the best. There are different ways to meet success such as listening advice from elders, professors and parents. I will describe the method they used to. Being a good student must have qualities and background, must manage a plan and do homework at clever way.

To be considered a student must have qualities and background to meet success. The quality is the first impression of a person. Firstly, sitting in the front row give numerous advantages such as hearing better, see everything on the board, and stay focused of the course. Here in Madagascar, the number of student at the first year are about one thousand. So sitting at the first bench, should be the first method to learn something. Secondly, some students thought that study seemed awful, or annoying due to some teachers did not meet the skills and talent to communicate the subject. So be passionate about learning, enjoy every moment and imagine as you are eating tasty foods to acquire the knowledge. Thirdly, you should have background to improve your study. You collect it at the beginning of study, from books, newspaper, library, and forums. This become a natural smart and help you to attend a national quiz and represent your university.

Apart from the individual qualifications, a good student should manage plan. There are many constraints happen at the university such as to be pregnant, having children, living inside family members or study and work at the same time. I would argue that study is a kind of project in your life, an opportunity that you have never done before and expect something valuable for the future. For example, give a birth is not easy, but doing a good plan prepare your children a good care and you can follow the class. However, when you are living inside family, the most profitable way to learn is to find a quiet place inside room, and everyone should not disturb you. In addition, you should list the appropriate place you can learn such as a library, a green park, where you can appreciate the beauty of nature, and open your mind to record lessons.

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Last, one of the best tricks to perform your study is doing your homework at clever way. Sometimes, many professor give many tasks that student did not enough time to finish it. To do so, when you are in the classroom, stay focus on what the professor said and do the task at the same day you receive this. Doing it day to day help your mind to understand the lessons and to be ready for a test. Do the homework after lunch, repeat lessons before you go to sleep or at early morning. In addition, you should anticipate your study. In Madagascar, learning foreign language is not very easy such as Mandarin chinese, or English grammar. I suggest that the clever tips are, you should do the next exercise for the next chapter. Be proactive help you to understand clearly and add knowledge that you gain performance between all the students of the same class.

To conclude, being a good student apply various methods to meet success but it depends on the country, or context, emergency case or war place. Nevertheless, the best student must have personal qualities and background to improve their study, working at the quiet place, manage schedule and do the homework at clever way. Malagasy proverb argue that no obstacle to stop effort and study is the best inheritance in life