Community Development Term Paper

Paper on Community Development:

Community development is the complex process which embraces a great number of factors which influence the human minds on the way of the creation of the ideal society. Community development is a serious and complicated process, because it is not easy to create a peaceful and democratic society which would satisfy the needs of every its member. During the long run of time there have been many ideas concerning the community development and the philosophers of different periods created a range of theories.

Unfortunately, the majority of the ideas were utopic, because the ideal societies could not exist many years ago taking into consideration the level of people’s education and moral values. The idea of the community development on the basis of the ideas of socialism and communism also got many supporters, but they are also considered to be the utopic ones.

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Today, the modern society is based on the democratic values which more or less satisfy the needs of its members. Of course, democratic society can not be called the ideal one, and people should try to develop further as it has a great number of disadvantages.

In order to teach people understand the necessity of taking the active part in the community development, special social educational institutions should be created. The fact is that community development depends first of all from the individual. Every person should catch the principles of the effective society and only then create it. A successful and convenient community should possess such qualities: favourable economical development, political situation, nonviolent situation, ecologically sustainable situation, etc.

There are many theories of community development and there are many requirements, that should be fulfilled, but people should do their best to succeed in the creation of such a society. When a student is asked to prepare a worthy community development term paper, he is supposed to devote much time to the process of data collection which will be used for the analysis. A student should explain the term of community development and present its key principles and major components. One should demonstrate the main problems which prevent people from the further development and probably brainstorm the effective methods which can be helpful for the solution of these problems.

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