Term Paper on Human Development

development Term Paper:

Human development is the branch of psychology which studies the psychological changes of an individual in the process of his aging. The study embraces the psychological condition of children, young, mature and elderly people and tries to explain the changes in the human character and behaviour on the different stages of human life. The study does not only focus on the psychological condition of an individual in the process of aging, but pays attention to the biological, anthropological and social factors. Human development appeared in 1882 when the first book devoted to the child’s psychology was published and since that time there has become strong interest in the psychology of people of different age groups. The development of the branch of psychology is based on the development of philosophical thought, discovery of the evolution theory, social and historic changes and the development of the natural sciences and arts.

The core questions which are interesting to human development are the factors which influence the development of psychics, the development of the psychological processes (emotional, educational), the development of different forms of activity, formation of personality and individual psychological peculiarities. The main tasks of human development are to explain the general regularities of development, distinguishing of the reasons which cause the development from one stage to another, description of every stage or age group, studying of the leading factors of development. The functions of human development are: to describe the psychics of an individual on the basis of the factors of the environment, explanation of the process of development, prediction of the changes in behaviour, correction of the psychological development.

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The process of human development is quite interesting and provokes a great number of questions, so a student who is supposed to complete a good human development term paper should read on the topic a lot to learn much about the aspects of the topic. A student is expected to devote much time to reading and collecting of data for the analysis and describe the topic from all sides. One should explain the meaning of human development, present the core questions, object and subject of the research, methodology and value of the study for the humanity.

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