Human Sexuality Term Paper

Paper on Human Sexuality:

Human sexuality is the set of the biological, psycho-physiological and emotional reactions, stress, actions connected with the demonstration and satisfaction of sexual appetite. Sexuality is the inborn need and function of the human body, like the functions of breathing, digesting, etc. A human being is born with the certain sexual potential and his sexuality develops the whole his life on the basis of his life experience. Human sexuality is influenced by the interconnected biological, psychological and socio-cultural factors which make the sexual image of an individual. The topic of human sexuality is extremely old and touches upon the dawn of the human civilization. People have always been interested in sexuality and investigated the problem from all sides: biological, emotional, social, political, economical, etc.

Some aspects of human sexuality have the genetic origin; the others appear in the process of socialization. According to this fact there are several types of human sexuality: biological gender or gender identity (a complex of characteristic features which define the gender of an individual); gender social role (stereotypes and historical norms of behaviour which are associated with the male and female sex); sexual orientation (emotional, romantic, physical attraction of the people of the opposite sex – heterosexuality, of the same sex – homosexuality and both sexes – bisexuality); sexual identity. Sexuality plays the core role in the development of the human civilization, because everything one does is affected by sexuality and without the success in sex one will not be happy and his life will not be called a successful one.

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