Human Behavior Term Paper

Paper on Human Behavior:

Human behavior is the complex and total diversity of the types of behavior which a human being can express towards the irritant or the situation around her. The human behavior is a difficult issue which depends on numerous factors: genetic, social, cultural, etc. Everyone is unique and the individual’s behavior also differs greatly. Human behavior can be observed form the point of view of physiology, psychology, anthropology, sociology, economics, etc, because in different situations the human reaction is different and quite unpredictable. There are many theories of the experienced and well-known experts concerning the human behavior and the factors which influence it. The first factor is the human genes. Very often the traits of character and the general types of behavior are inherited and it is easy to define relatives, especially a son and his father. If the father is impulsive, there is a chance that the son inherits this quality and his behavior would be based on it.

The following factor and probably the most influential one is the social environment or the influence of the society. People are social creatures and the majority of the styles of behavior are borrowed from observations and outer impact of various people. In addition, the person can be influenced by the norms of culture of the country she lives in. Naturally, there are many types of behavior which can be called the regional and ethnic ones. These norms of behavior have caused thousands of stereotypes and prejudices about different countries and their citizens. Human behavior is a complex phenomenon which depends on the inherited character and the impact of the social environment. The individual develops his own types of behavior on the basis of the both factors.

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Human behavior is an important topic for the discussion, because the student is able to broaden his outlook and complete a quality which would be accepted by the professor. The term paper is supposed to explain the meaning of the human behavior, the factors it is influenced by, demonstrate the type of human behavior, dwell on the theories which try to define the roots of the human behavior and support the point of view with help of the reliable arguments. The issue on human behavior should be observed from the point of view of various disciplines in order to look professionally.

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