American Government Term Paper

Paper on American Government:

American government is the centralized system of the state control of the US according to the principles of the Constitution of the USA. American government like the government of every democratic country is divided into three main branches: legislative, executive and judicial branches.

The division into three branches maintains the quality of work of every branch with the help of the constant control of the work of the one branch by the two others. Every branch has its own special influence on the two other ones; as a result a single branch does not have any privileges over the other two and can be strictly controlled by them. In addition, the number of the troublesome political questions and decisions remain under the jurisdiction of the states. Every state has certain autonomy in the definite questions and these questions are solved locally following the will of the population of the state. The main body of the legislative branch is represented by the bicameral Congress.

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Congress consists of the Senate (every US state has two representatives there) and the House of Representatives (the number of the representatives from the state depends on the quantity of the state’s population). The executive branch is represented by the US President, who is the commander-in-chief and the leader of the country’s government. The President is a very influential figure in the government and he can sign or veto the legislation suggested by Congress. The judicial branch is embodied by the Supreme Court of the United States, whose duty is to monitor the effectiveness and validity of the work of the executive and legislative branches according to the US Constitution and laws.

American government is the bright example of the democratic organization of the top powers of the country. Every branch of the US government has its function, strong and weak sides. It is controlled by the two other branches in order to avoid misfeasance of the single branch of the government. A term paper should contain up-to-date information about the structure, functions, work, advantages and disadvantages of the US government. The student should describe the principles of its work, the procedure of the elections and support his point of view with the trustworthy arguments.

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