Term Paper on Christianity

Term Paper:

Christianity is one of the branches of monotheism. Alongside with Islam and Buddhism, Christianity belongs to the three most influential religions in the world. The most noticeable characteristic feature of Christianity which differentiates it from other branches of monotheism is the belief in Jesus Christ who is the embodiment of God who died and resurrected for the rescue of the whole humanity. In comparison with Islam and Judaism Christianity is the single religion which treats Jesus Christ as the highest embodiment of God. Christianity has its roots in the Roman Empire in the 1st century AD on the territory of the modern Israel. Christianity existed till the 5th century as the single religion, but then numerous branches of Christianity started to appear and every branch has its own vision and understanding of the Bible and sacred texts.

In 1054 Christianity was officially divided into Catholicism and Eastern Orthodox Church and finally in 1517 the latest big branch Protestantism appeared. Nowadays Christianity is the most widespread religion and more than 2,2 billion people called themselves Christians. Historically, Catholicism is recognized as the most influential religion in Western Europe (Italy, France, Poland, Spain, Ireland, etc); Protestantism exists mainly among the German speaking people (half of the population of Germany, Switzerland, Holland, etc) and Eastern Orthodox Church exists in Eastern Europe and the majority of countries of that part of the world (Greece, Bulgaria, Georgia, Russia, Ukraine, etc). Christianity is based on the sacred texts represented in the Holy Bible, the book which is treated like the core one for every Christian.

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Christianity is a worthy topic for the research, because every student is supposed to know about the religion a lot and analyze its sacred texts and dogmas in the appropriate way. The student is supposed to analyze the problem in detail and present all the major elements and aspects of the religion and its place in the modern civilization. It is important to explain the differences between the branches of Christianity and the reasons of the division of the religion on the separate branches.

One should mention bout the sacred texts and symbols of Christianity and compare the religion with other great religions of the world.

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