Term Paper on Branches of Government

of Government Term Paper:

When one speaks about branches of government, he most often means the federal government of the United States of America, which consists of three major branches – legislative, executive and judicial. Every branch has its own governing bodies which are represented by the definite institutions, which possess their own powers and duties. The legislative branch of the US government is represented by the US Congress. Congress is divided into two houses – the Senate and the House of Representatives. The absolute number of Senators is 100 (2 Senators from every state), while the number of Representatives is 435 and this number depends on population and size of every state.

Congress has a great number of rights – it can set and collect taxes, invent laws, regulate money, declare war and support the US army, etc. The executive branch of the US government is represented by the US President.

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The role of the President is quite big, because he has to make sure that the laws of the country are working well. He is the head of state, the military commander-in-chief and the face of the country on the international arena. The President has the right to serve two terms and every term is equal to four years. The President has the duty to sign legislation into law or veto it. The legislation is offered by the US Congress, so in this way the President controls its work. The final judicial branch of the US government is represented by the Supreme Court, which has the important duty to control the quality of work of the US legislative and executive branches of the federal government.

The student who is interested in the detailed analysis of the issue about the branches of the US government is able to prepare a good term paper and demonstrate his ideas in the written form. First of all one should collect information about the branches of the federal government and analyze it carefully. It is important to study the branches, the institutions representing them, their duties and rights and the means of control of the one branch by the other one. The young person will need to learn about the political structure of the USA as much as possible and compare the US government with the government of another country suggested by the student.

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