Term Paper on Gay Lingo

Lingo Term Paper:

Gay lingo is a kind of a slang and argot that is used by homosexuals in the Philippines. Gay lingo has derived from Englog sociolect of the Philippines and it is used for encoded communication between homosexuals of this country. Gay lingo has its roots in English, Spanish, Tagalog and Japanese languages, so it is considered to be a mixture of these languages.

Obviously, homosexuals decided to invent their own sociolect in order to codify their communication and to keep their gay community closed. Moreover, this language helps homosexuals identify each other in a conversation and decipher the codes sent by a sender. Every word in gay lingo has its special meaning, so it is impossible to understand to the third people what this conversation about is.

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Like any language, gay lingo is constantly changing, as old words disappear from it and new words are invented rapidly.

Though it is a language of a closed community, heterosexuals, who want to cooperate with gays, use gay lingo too. This language has become introduced into business, fashion and other fields that are interesting to homosexuals. Moreover, if heterosexuals decide to work for a business managed by gays, they will need to learn gay lingo in order to be able to communicate efficiently.

Gay lingo has many elements of popular culture, so it is possible to hear the examples of English, Spanish or Chinese slangs that are used by young people. Naturally, this language is constantly improved and every speaker has a chance to introduce something new into it that will be used by others.

Gay lingo is a good topic for every linguist, so one can devote his time and prepare a quality term paper about this problem.

One should explain the meaning of gay lingo, dwell on the people who use it, the territory where this language is used, etc.

Moreover, students are supposed to learn about the influence of different languages on the formation of gay lingo and to get to know something about its grammar, phonetics and other elements. Every term paper should contain a good outline, methodology and sources in order to be accepted by the strictest professor. One should share his personal ideas about gay lingo with his teacher and think about the alternative approaches towards this problem.

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