Child Development Term Paper

Development Term Paper:

Child development is the study which learns the physiological and psychological changes of children on different periods of their development. It is obvious that the human organism is in constant development and survives many changes on the certain stages of life. For example, it is obvious that a child is completely different from a grown-up person, because his body and psychological condition, worldview are not developed to the required level.

There are many theories which try to divide the childhood into the certain different periods, each of which has its own characteristic features. The most common typical periods which are defined among children are: a newborn, then an infant, a toddler, preschooler, a school-aged child and adolescent. Every of these periods have its own set of characteristics which define the peculiarities in the psychological and physical condition of a child.

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The knowledge about the peculiarities of the child development helps to organize the process of bringing up and education correctly. For example, such skills as writing and reading are developed in the young age under the effect of the special techniques which are appropriate for the psychological condition of the child of that period. Then, everybody knows that it is difficult to communicate with a teenager, but the knowledge about the human psychics in this period can teach how to persuade the child behave well and devote enough time to education. Next, the successful course about child development clears up all the aspects of the child’s socialization and informs about the consequences of the lack of the child’s bringing up and attention from the side of his parents.

Child development is the serious topic, which gives answers to many questions connected with the physiological and psychological development of a child on different periods of his life. The term paper on child development is supposed to explain the meaning of the topic and inform about the changes in the child’s organism on every stage of his life. One should present a few core theories which research the problem and define their advantages and disadvantages. Finally, one should evaluate the importance of the topic and summarize it well sharing the methods of the research and the literature review with the teacher.

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