Liverpool Poetry – Term Paper

Seven Seasons of Loneliness

My Beloved Liverpool, We have seen seven sentimental years

Tics been seven years, six seasons of sorrow we have endured

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Its twenty-six long years. Yes, many years since last league. ( the last time Liverpool won a major league title was 26 yeasr ago (they won the league title on April 28 1990)

The rules you once set, are trampled by you

The rules you once set, are rues bought by you

So is there is no moral ambiguity, in killing a foetus- (killing a foetus is used metaphorically to mean beating or winning  the small teams)

No glory in gory, no league in the Laliga-(la liga is used metaphorically to represent major leagues played)

No goals to celebrate, no gods to appease

No interest in parsimony, no good to Anfield

Noir it has been, seeing trophies biding bye, and fans abide by

The rules that we just made  not to leave the baby lonely (the baby is used here to mean Liverpool. The fans are sticking by their loved baby to offer hope and companionship)

Seeing triumph bid bye, to your lovely trumpeting sons

Seen the triumph that once made us, turn to trample

The scenes are fatal, the matches fatal, is stopping the foetus fatal (in the matches, Liverpool is being defeated by small teams (foetus) who have no experience in football) the scenes are therefore fatal)