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The film presents the character Peter the high as the iconic figure and force of revolution for the Russian Empire. Many of the attributes awarded to the ruler depict that he was the only leading personality that transformed the history of Russia given its predominant historical recognition at the international platform. Born in Moscow, the nobleman held a strategic position in the Russia Empire since he father was one of the many Russian rulers to exist in history. In the film, the audience is introduced to a character of compelling influence in the sense that he commands servants and a powerful army. 

Peter is presented as an intellectual and boisterous lad who has hatred for some Russian community members that had invaded their house and executed his family. The anger and frustration he experienced at that age of 10 gave him the courage to pursue his family’s murderers and eventually avenge their death. The character role is adequately developed in the film with Dmitri Zolotukhin acting as the Peter the great. The historical 16th-century film is worth appreciating given the cinematographic elements employed to build Peter’s important character. In the movie, it is evident that Peter struggled to establish a great lasting emperor that would scare the world given the supremacy that Russians have to be granted by other global nations. 

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Peter acted beyond the expectations of the ordinary tsar since he exhibited certain features that would only be viewed as dictatorial. He reconstructed the Russian empire by building trade industries, the military and national heritage. In his reasoning, there was a need to shape the country into an independent state that acted on its own. For that reason, he forced his subjects to dress in a particular manner, communicate with Russian troops and talk like a unique state. The film director, Sergei Gerasimov ensured that the film had enlightened various aspects of the development of the Russian customs and origin of the many traditions witnessed in the modern day nation. 

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The Russian Empire had a defined structure during the 16th century. Features of the empire included a strict observation of the Orthodox Church regulation and full adherence to succession rules. Peter stayed within the standards of the Orthodox Church and was a successor from their lineage. In the film, it is evident that he remained loyal to the hereditary monarch system by assuming power after his father’s death. Peter gained full access to seas after a battle with Turkey. As such, he is viewed to have established an effective policy that counteracted outside pressure and military prowess. He used the naval power to navigate into the Black Sea and capture Azov of the Crimean Tatar. Such attributes depict his true nature in real life which have close similarities to the feature illustrated in the film. In my understanding, the movie has described many of his attributes appropriately while giving insights into the life of the ordinary Russians under his regime. The evidence behind the school of thought is obtained from the many scenes where he is seen to travel abroad for the anti-Turkish Coalitions. Historically, Peter I had the intention to gain access to the Black Sea. Thus, he sent military personnel to foreign lands to study the nautical matters that would be appropriate in a reencounter with the Turkish forces.