Thin Film Analysis – Term Paper

Thin Documentary

The film “Thin” gets construed as a movie documentary that gives focus on four young ladies. The women get depicted to undergo similar struggle of dealing with anorexia which gets noted as an emotional disorder that makes a person to develop an obsessive desire to lose weight. Therefore, this paper gets based on the four women and their journey of dealing with the disorder. The paper reviews how the synopsis and the movie, in general, depict their struggles in different measures. Finally, it ends by giving a clear direction of my reaction towards the film which gets presented as the opinion.

The film synopsis mentions Brittany, a 15-year-old woman who makes several attempts of getting a thin body to get accepted among her peers. Her mother got noted to suffer similar disorder. The next lady gets depicted as Shelly whose age gets recorded at 25 years. For the past six years, she gets filed to battle with anorexia. Alisa, a 30-year-old divorced mother, also gets construed to go through her struggles with the disease. Finally, the last person gets noted as Polly who places a record for struggling with anorexia treatment and facing various challenges of the health facilities’ policies and procedures (Lauren, 2006). Therefore, the subject of the movie gets noted on anorexia and the validation gets based on the individuals in question.;

Anorexia disorder

The synopsis goes further to present the disorder in a manner that contrasts it from issues related to food, self-esteem or even body image but base it on familial, cultural and health-related cases. The movie also highlights some challenges that the victims of the disorder go through. For example, Shelly gets noted to struggle with the disorder for more than six years. She gets mentioned to enter Renfrew with a feeding tube that gets surgically implanted in her stomach. On the other hand, despite Polly getting able to go for medication, he cannot manage to comply with the health institution’s policies and procedure due to financial difficulties (Lauren, 2006).

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The next link of the movie ( depicts a fully finished health facility that helps to take care of those suffering from the disorder. They get quality treatment, and their recovery journey gets monitored by the health practitioners. Cindy Gretzula who gets noted as the director of nursing ensures that every patient gets taken care of during medication (Michael and Mathew, 2012). The facility also gives the victims the chance to share their experiences, and the end results get noted on the quality of attendance they get from the medical practitioners. 


In consideration of the mentioned, my reaction gets directed towards the need of developing more equipped facilities to help in curbing the rising numbers of anorexia victims. The facilities should set up various sections that may assist the victims of the disorder to talk about their conditions. Once the facilities get set, cases of the disease will get mitigated. The insurance companies should also reconsider their policy of only covering obesity and bring on board both anorexia and bulimia. The companies should develop means and methods of assuring the patients with the disorder. The reason behind the reconsideration gets based on the rising number of patients as discussed in the paper. If the review gets taken into a note, victims like Polly will not get to worry anymore about their healing journey.


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