Supply and Demand Term Paper

and Demand Term Paper:

Supply and demand is the law in economics, which sets the interconnection between the indicators of supply and demand of goods and services and their prises. Generally, the cheaper the prise is, the higher the number of the potential customers which makes the demand higher, but the supply is lower. The problem of supply and demand is quite relevant and has always existed in the human civilization, as there have always been unique goods and services which attracted numerous customers, but the supply of the merchants was low, which made the prise of the product high. Everyone wants to purchase a high-quality product and pay little, but unfortunately, it is impossible, because if the prise is low and the demand is high, no one will offer the supply of this product, because the expenditure on the production of high-quality goods are higher than the profit after selling it cheaply.

Nowadays, in the world of severe competition on the market the majority of companies try to stay in the middle of these indicators striving to produce the very goods a customer requires and setting the lowest prises to attract these customers, because if the rival company produces the same goods but cheaper, the business will be close to bankrupting. The indicators of supply and demand depend on a few factors. For example, the demand increases seasonally, as it depends on fashion and relevance of the product, the income of the society, size of the market, inflation, etc. There are more factors which influence the supply: technologies, the size of the market, the existence of the goods which can substitute the company’s product, taxes, resources, expectations, etc.

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The problem of supply and demand is quite interesting for the research, because one should know everything about this law if he wants to become a professional economist after graduating the educational institution. A successful term paper on supply and demand is supposed to contain interesting and informative data which explains the topic well, focuses on the principles, aspects and factors which influence supply and demand and analyses the problem on the direct examples from the real life. Moreover, one should pay attention to the methodology of the research and the list of sources useful for writing.

The process of term paper writing is quite complicated, because one should be aware of the general writing requirements and be good at the topic under research. Due to the Internet one can read a free supply and demand term paper example and improve his knowledge on the problem.

Furthermore, with the assistance of supply and demand term paper sample the student will learn about the processes of formatting and composition of the logical structure.