Comprehensive health assessment of a geriatric patient – Term Paper

Geriatric patients have delicate health conditions that should always be monitored on a daily basis. Failure to this, they may succumb to diseases, which in the end may lead to further complications. According to Bowers, (2016,) geriatric patients require both physical body and multidimensional assessment. It involves a thorough assessment of the pain, mental condition, social and economic status as well as the physical environment where they are exposed (Bowers, 2016). Their mental status refers to the cognitive functions such as decision-making and planning abilities, language, memory orientation and the ability to visualize their ideas. Ward, Reuben, Schmader, & Eamranond, (2016), physical body assessment involves a thorough check up of their body functionality such as the kidneys, eyes, arms, legs among others. Assessment of social and economic status involves their attitude and ability to interact with friends and families where they live (Ward et al. 2016). In additional to this, nutritional assessment should also be conducted since their body functionality, and general health is dependent on their nutrition patterns.

While attending to geriatric patients, several considerations should be in mind of the physician so that they may know the extent of care and attention that the patient requires. Some of these factors include; the patient’s age, their psychological disorder such as hallucinations, depression, and isolation (Bowers, 2016). It is also important to consider patients specific geriatric conditions that have already been identified by physicians such as functional disability, dementia, and falls. Caillet, et al. (2014), state that, this will help the nurse in charge while conducting the assessment to be able to factor out the different characters depicted by these patients. Also, any past health care utilization should be analyzed as well (Caillet, et al. 2014).


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A comprehensive Geriatric assessment will only be effective if the process is done with care following the right procedure. Failure to this, a geriatric patient may end up suffering without the physician knowledge.