National Patient Safety Goals – Term Paper

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Patient safety today has been an aspect that is important just like the psychological, biological as well as safety needs. Very little can be done if the patients are not in safe condition. Healthcare system is very complex, makes sure that the safety of the patients is ensured as well as improved quality of the services (Joint Commission, 2014). There some of the goals that ensure national safety in my workplace that is not limited to others that have helped developed patient safety culture and also improved quality. This paper will discuss some of the safety goals, the initiative personnel and the results of the data. 

Identification of the patient accuracy should be improved by using two identifiers of the patient at any time of care, service provision and treatment. Also, this goal is aimed to eliminate errors of transfusion that mostly relate to the misidentification of the patient (Joint Commission, 2014). Secondly, the communication is made more effective among the healthcare providers to ensure that all the results are reported on time. There is clear medical prescription whereby there is proper labeling of the medicines and good storage. The clinical alarm systems safety is also ensured to make sure that all the care providers are aware of any potential problems arising from the patients (Ulrich & Kear, 2014). There is also the goal that aims at reducing any risk in healthcare that is associated with infections among the patients. 

Most of the safety goals were made more effective by the senior medical officer in our healthcare who found it difficult to explain the main reasons for deaths among the patients. Mostly, the caregivers collect the data from any patient after providing any treatment. The patients are to fill out a questionnaire. According to the findings, most of these goals have a higher margin improved the safety of the patients. 

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