Conflict Resolution Outline – Term Paper

Conflict Resolution Outline

1.   Description of the conflicting groups

 I will offer a clear description of the parties involved in the conflict with the primary focus on the parties that are directly involved in the conflict.

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 I will then give a vivid description of the conflicting interests in the general conflict clearly explaining the position of each of the parties involved in the collision.

 I will also clearly describe the type of the groups that are involved in the disagreement clearly stating whether they are social, political, cultural, economic or organizational groups.

 I will continue to explain further the type of violence that the conflicting parties are engaging and the dynamics at play and how they are connected to the conflict.

2.   Selection of the conflicting groups

 I will select the conflicting groups with well-chosen competing interests and dynamics whereby an amicable decision can be reached, and the conflicting groups can peacefully resolve their differences.

3.   Conflict resolution method

 I will choose am active conflict resolution process that will most certainly utilize negotiation between the disputing parties.

 I will ensure that the resolution process will seek to be transformative in an attempt to successfully transform the conflicting groups.

 The conflict resolution process will involve non-violent communicative processes such as restorative justice, development of enforceable agreements and solutions, etc.

4.   Rationale and process

 I will ensure that the conflict resolution processes is conducted efficiently.

 I make sure that the right convener that can effectively handle the conflict

 I will, therefore, ensure that I identify and avail the best moderator that can efficiently handle the underlying conflict.

 I will see to it that both the convener and the moderator command some authority and have a significant influence on the conflicting groups.

 They will, therefore, be able to bring the opposing groups together and amicably solve the problem at hand.

5.   Transformation process

 I will ensure that the resolution process carefully looks into each of the groups conflicting interests and identify the position of each group.

 From this, the primary source from which the conflict originated can be identified.

 With this identified, the conflict resolution process will ensure that the groups are transformed from the destructive conflict.

 This will ensure that they understand each others position and interest and develop common grounds for which they can strike amicable agreements.

 This will ensure that the healing process is complete and that the conflicting groups do not revert to their destructive nature.

6.   Resolution results

 I will ensure to outline the positive results that are likely to be derived from this resolution both in the short and long term.

 I will also explain how these results can be tested.

 I will also give a detailed explanation as to how the resolution is likely to impact on the conflicting groups and how effective the resolution process was.