Course Outline Section

It is strongly recommended that students read the course outline very carefully and refer to it first if and when any confusion arises. In most cases, the course outline will suffice in solving such issues. The faculty member should only be communicated when the outline fails to provide a clear solution to your problems. COURSE OBJECTIVE The course aims at equipping the students with the necessary techniques so that they are able to plan, implement and evaluate firm level strategies in their workplace in future. The course will also give the students some flavor of he basic theoretical aspect of strategic management.

The focus will be on developing the capability in the students to analyze management problems and present solutions in an independent manner. EXPECTATION Since this is the capstone course in the ABA program, it is expected that the students will be able to demonstrate their abilities in understanding various functions of a business organization at a satisfactory level. As the students will be entering the business world soon after completing this course, students should be able to demonstrate proper communication skill both in heir writing and during the various presentations that will take place over the semester.

It is strongly recommended that students actively participate in class discussions. Adherence to norms and regulations should be maintained during class hours. COURSE DESIGN The course will have a total Of 24 lecture sessions. Of these, 12 will take place before the mid-term examination, and the rest after the mid-term. In addition to regular lectures, the course will also include reading assignments, term paper, case analysis, discussions on articles, and other activities to incorporate the real world scenario in the learning process.

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CASE PRESENTATION The formation of the group for the case presentation will be determined by the students themselves. Each group will be assigned one case. The presentation of the groups will be on the pronounced sessions. The presentation time will be 15 minutes which will be followed by a 5 minute question and answer session. The groups should provide a synopsis of the case (not exceeding three pages) on the day before the presentation. This should be sent via e-mail to strategy. submissions@yahoo. Com. Each group as to also provide the handout oftener slides to the course instructor at the beginning of the presentation.

There should also be handouts prepared for the groups that will not be presenting on that particular day. The following is a list of items that the students should try to find out while reading the case. Some basic analysis based on the company and its industry (e. G. SOOT analysis, Porter’s models and others) The problem(s) faced by the organization The alternatives available to solve the problems An analysis of the alternatives (I. E. Pros and cons associated with each of the alternatives) Selection of the best alternative and discussion of the implementation plan Any form of plagiarism will be severely dealt with.

Shasta Kamala, Assistant Professor, BRACE Business School, BRACE University 2 Business Strategy, Spring 2013 TERM PAPER The students have to submit a term paper which will include use of real world information. The students will be divided in eight groups of their choice. The topic Of the term paper has to be finalized in consultation with the course instructor. The groups have to submit a one page proposal and are highly encouraged to meet the instructor during office hours or through appointments before commencing on the proposal writing process. Once the proposal is approved, the students should commence on their work immediately.

The final paper will be evaluated in two parts. The report itself will carry 10 percent marks and the rest 5 percent will be based on the report presentation. All the deadlines will be strictly maintained. The main body of the term paper cannot exceed 20 pages (1. 5 spacing). Proper report writing format should be followed and students are requested to take help from the business communication text books if needed. Consulting with the students ho have previously taken this course under me might also be a good option. The final version has to be converted in PDF format before submission.