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Below is a free essay on “The Craigslist Killer” from Anti Essays, your source for free research papers, essays, and term paper examples. As America shifts into a technological age, practically every aspect of our daily lives is influenced by technology. This influence has extended to the way crimes are committed, as evidenced clearly by a murderer known as “The Craigslist Killer”. A medical student at Boston University named Philip Markoff is alleged to have committed the crimes attributed to this killer.

The Background of Philip Markoff Born on February 12, 1986 in Sherrill, New York, Philip Haynes Markoffwas born to parents who quickly divorced. He was raised as a Catholic by his mother and step- father while his biological father resided in Syracuse, New York as a dentist with his second wife. His mother was a homemaker until her second divorce, when she took a Job at Turning Stone Casino to support Markoff, his biological brother and his half- sister.

During his high school years, he excelled in both academics and xtracurricular activities, participating in National Honor Society, the History Club, the Youth Court, and the bowling team. Teammates that Markoff bowled with reports that Markoff enjoyed to bet on games almost as much as he enjoyed playing in them, but this was the only slightly negative thing to be said about him. Teachers describe him as a good, hardworking, intelligent student. His dedication to his schoolwork never faded as he entered SUNY Albany as a pre-med student.

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Markoff graduated in a mere three years summa cum laude and went on to attend med school at Boston University School of Medicine where he was a second year student at the time of his alleged crimes. During his time at SUNY Albany, Markoff volunteered at Albany Medical Center Hospital, primarily in the emergency room. It was while volunteering that he met his fianc?©e, Megan McAllister. Recreationally during this time, Markoff continued his gambling habit, furthering it to the point that he was playing poker nearly every weekend all night. He could not stand to lose and refused to walk away anything…