Non traditional student – Term Paper

Enrolling at Mildred Alley I was unaware there was a general education requirement. This being the case understand the dilemma faced by scenario 1 an PAP term paper. A “non traditional student’ can be defined as students who may have non traditional characteristics, such as being financially independent, delayed enrolment or returning after stepping out of school, married, widowed, divorced, military. This describes a majority of my classmates and an increasing percentage of the student body at more and more instigates of higher learning.

For most people the next step after graduating high school is to enroll directly to college. For some it’s get a job, establish credit, get a vehicle, travel. Many different things persuade people to avoid traditional secondary education. The percentage of your grade shouldn’t matter you should want to get the paper written for yourself and your education and all teachers are different. Maybe if you asked the teacher would give extra help or even alter the way class is was run either of which would be a start to better understanding your situation, and what options you have.

While proportioning the time is probably the first problem needing to be addressed, having little or no computer access is equally as difficult an obstacle to tackle. For instance the time you may have not coincide with the availability of a computer. Knowing your typing poor, that’s a compliment to me; you must allow for errors, breaks, and unexpected interruptions. Like the start of the next class when you were in the room trying to get hoping to get work done. Another issue could be that your school resources aren’t enough, and community resources are limited and even harder to access.

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Here in you must take stock at your strengths, and weaknesses. Find a friend who’s a good typist, and bargain, do your own work of course, but network. Use the people around you and let yourself be used for the greater good of all. That may just be the key to learning, and growing from a class you not only didn’t expect, but expected to dislike, and may allow you chances to learn and help other learn. Making it more than just getting through a class but an experience helping to push you and others to strive for better and bigger goals that may just be attainable.