Critical Thinking and Research Paper

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Need inspiration for inspiration and get better grades disengagement: After a long hard thinking recess I have come to conclusion that Athens had the better system. Athens had a better system because anybody could hold office, they had more equal rights, and citizen’s had more of a voice in government. Background: This took place in 500 B. C. E on the Greek and Italian Peninsulas of the Mediterranean Sea. (Background Essay) Paragraph 2- Body Topic sentence: Athens had the better system because anybody could hold office.

Evidence: All of the Athens 40,000 citizens were eligible to attend. (Doc E) Explanation: The Athenian assembly met 40 times a year on a hillside called Pony, near the Acropolis. Evidence: 100 % of adult male citizens were eligible to become members of the smaller consul of 500. (Doc E) Explanation: They all chose by lot which meant they were all chosen equally from a pool of male citizen’s older than 30. So anybody could hold office if they pleased or was elected by lot. Paragraph 3-Body Topic sentence: Athens had a better system because they had more equal rights.

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Evidence: Athenians allowed a poor and common man to win position in overspent. (Doc E) Explanation: It seems right that all should have a share in office filled by lot and any citizen who wishes to speak should be allowed to speak. Evidence: The steersman, boatswains, ship masters, lookout- men, and the shipwrights have brought the state much power through their logical thinking. (Doc E) Explanation: They all are smart and possibly even better than the best born elite, and can have a lot of great suggestions in say of things if given equal chances.