Critical Thinking Exercise – Term Paper

Many resort to physical aggression when they are which a considerable part of some cultures is now. Therefore, it is a mentality that is evident among many that the behaviors like punching bags and pillows help solves the case, for which reason the argument and the application constitute a myth has become our culture.  Contrary, to the provision of the myth, scientific researchers have intervened to monitor whether the case is functional or not, whereby the scientific findings show that anger is facilitated by the physical aggression of the victim. This paper considers both sides; why the myth has dominated our culture and why it not effective.

Why the Myth Has Become Part of the Culture

There are underlying reasons why people prefer physical aggression when they are angry. Hence the behaviors may part of our culture. For one, the victims find the physical aggressions as a better way to express one’s anger. It is probably based on the argument that one has to react to relieve his or her anger. The individuals resort to inanimate objects since they consider it healthier to confront them rather than a fellow human being. Many also tend to find the nearby objects as symbolic repression of the cause of the anger hence reacts on them as a way of punishing them. Punishing them would, therefore, make them successfully feel relieved after having responded by feeling that one has inflicted pain on what represents the cause of trouble in his or her life. Many therefore immediately find themselves responding as soon as they become angry. It, therefore, has become part of the culture that people vent their anger through physical aggression.

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What Would Happen To the Guests

Scientific findings, however, argue differently from the argument of the myth by asserting that the physical aggressions rather worsen the situation. It can, therefore, be confirmed that aggressive physical behaviors do not vent anger but rather increases it. In the case of the guests who confront each other, it is most likely that going physical will make the situation worse. First, fighting each other may end up some pain inflicted on some of them. This creates more anger on the victim and may proceed to apply physical aggressions. The guests are most likely to be driven by anger rather than a proper argument to solve an issue in question. The visitors are most likely to involve in fighting each other for the rest of the occasion since anger will have control of them. The scientific arguments, therefore, use the findings to predict that the guests will always resort to fighting when any problem arises. This is because confronting each other rather makes them angrier. The myth there has no place in this case as it is rather an issue.

Five Things Learned From the Experiment

From the experiments, the myth influences people to allow emotions drive people to drive them into actions. Furthermore, believers of the argument do not stop to think of the possible consequences of the immediately considered choices. Furthermore, many misuse the application of morals of the society by arguing that the aggressions on the inanimate avoid confronting a fellow human being. However, it sometimes leads to physical fight among people due to misunderstanding. It is also notable that physical aggression is therefore not the solution. A general lesson from t he experiments is that cultures accept myths without evident and ignore scientific findings which are based on facts.