Dance Yourself to Mega stardom in a Glee Halloween Outfit

Ditch all the nameless spook and zombie costumes this Halloween and choose to become a part of the largest all singing, all dancing sensation of all time in your very own Sue Sylvester Costume!

Renowned for being like Highschool Musical but much better and in weekly measures, Glee has rapidly become an instant cult hit TV show that has set trends in multiple countries and has the whole world hooked with the sorcery it brings into our homes! It might not be the most scary Halloween costume out there, but what better way is there to spend a horrible October night than to spread a little bit of magical glee dressed up as one of the popular characters from Glee!

Whether you want to dress up as your favouite cheerleader with attitude Quinn Fabray, or the ever so preferred cheerleader Santana Lopez, or even the superbly kooky cheerleader Brittany Pierce, we have Glee cheerleader costumes to suit all.

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Of course the Glee loving men out there don’t truly have the legs to drag off cheerleaders outfits, what with all that hair and everything, so it’s best to leave the cheerleader outfits for the girls and instead dress up as one of the super cool Glee jocks! You could dress up as the Glee resident bad boy Puck with a mohawk accessory, or perhaps the in demand Finn Hudson and have the women swooning wherever you go.

Why don’t you do things differently and become the famous uptight coach of the cheerleading squad in your own Sue Sylvester outfit? Famous for her mean and arrogant presence, she’s the perfect applicant to dress up as if you tend to have a bit of a mean streak of your own! She does not take any crap, and she will show any monster or vampire exactly who is the manager at the party. They would be stupid to try and cross her!

Don’t become yet another evil character this Halloween, stand out in Glee costumes or try a Pauly D Halloween