Descartes Philosophy – Term Paper

Rene Descartes Modern Philosophy

In the normal course of life it desirable for one to believe claims that are less certain like believing in the divine being. Human being have been known to look for things that maintain order to the chaotic universe that we exist upon and accepting to believe claims that are less certain is possible.

Rene Descartes believes that we can describe the nature of reality or even what it entails for that reality to exist. It is always good to consider what we mean before proclaiming that we know about the reality. Descartes claim that people should only guarantee their belief on certainty if there is justification if the ideas that one have can be judged using a method that guarantees the fact that one is right. To identify if there is something that one truly know with absolute, Descartes indicates that one should be able to distrust all that one knows. If this is done, then it can be viewed as unreasonable.

Rene Descartes Philosophy of Mind

Descartes implies that for one find out whether some of the things that he or she believes in are doubtful, then one should act as if everything in his life is questionable. The pretense is usually known as the hypothetical doubt. Descartes argues the issue of logic behind the claim, and that is to put reason first behind belief. He states that everything that he has known has been assured through senses which have misled the beliefs. 

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Descartes is advocating that people should not necessarily believe what is real without proof. By doing that people should doubt what they know so that they cannot be manipulated by their senses which are sometimes deceiving.

It is true that even if something evil deceives us about everything that we know, there is one thing that one cannot be mistaken is whether they are thinking or doubting. He examines the fact that one is not certain that what he or she is going through is real. In his view, everything should be questioned and not just believed when one feels that it actually less certain.