Developmental Biology Term Paper

Paper on Developmental Biology:

Developmental biology is the branch of biology which studies the mechanism of growth and development of living organisms.

Developmental biology originated from embryology, the study which researched the way of organ growth and the process of development of human and animal organisms. The study appeared at the beginning of the 20th century and it is closely connected with cell biology, genetics, physiology and molecular biology. Due to the achievements of these disciplines it has become possible to learn about the fundamental issues of developmental biology which have always bothered scholars’ minds. For example, experts have learnt about the ways of transmission of genetic information from parents to their child; about molecular and genetic background of differentiation of cells, tissues and organs; the mechanism of intercellular activity and regulative processes which maintain the unity of living organisms.

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Moreover, developmental biology gives a vast field of opportunities for practitioners who can use this knowledge for different purposes. It is possible to learn about the peculiarities of growth and development of cattle and other domestic animals and use this knowledge for the increase of their productiveness and physical characteristics, like mass, the quality of fur, health, etc.

In addition it is possible to control the number of wild animals in the definite areas in order to maintain healthy and natural existence of their ecosystem. Then, developmental biology can be intensively used in agriculture, because this study deals with plants too. It is possible to improve the quality of crops and to select new types of grain which can grow in the unfavorable climatic conditions.

Developmental biology can become interesting to the student who is involved into the sphere of biology and wants to improve his knowledge in his major discipline. One will need to pay attention to the detailed explanation of the idea of this discipline, its aims, principles, vectors of research, etc in order to understand what this study is about.

The student should learn about the most important issues that are researched by developmental biology and point them out in his term paper. This assignment should be informative, precise and present a detailed description of developmental biology from all angles.

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